Easily create a one-of-a-kind hybrid event experience.

One event with two experiences. Help attendees engage however best suits their needs by offering both on-site and online experiences. Managing a hybrid event doesn’t have to be hard, our complete suite of solutions and knowledgeable staff can help you.


Whether this is your first hybrid event, or you have been managing them for years like us, we can help take your hybrid conference, event, or meeting to the next level.



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Hybrid Event Focus

Create shared experiences for online and on-site attendees. Hosting a hybrid event isn’t as simple as hosting two events happening at the same time. With the right connected experience, hybrid events can expand your reach, increase sponsorship options, deliver more attendee value, and ultimately drive more revenue.

Live Webinars

There is something uniquely engaging about live keynotes and presentations. What sets ours apart is the shared experience of learning and interacting together at the same time - even when not in the same physical location. Empower your attendees to make real-time connections on-site and online with this hybrid event platform.


Real-Time Chat

Real-time chat to drive greater engagement and interaction between in-person and virtual attendees. Users can utilize real-time chat to network with others and make meaningful connections with attendees both on-site and online. Engagement converts attendees into participants and builds community in real time.

1:1 and Small Group Video Calls

Let attendees manage their own agenda and make it easy to connect with new and current contacts with 1:1 and small group video calls. Attendees can connect face-to-face in real-time to have the kinds of meaningful conversations they would have in-person virtually in Pathable's hybrid event software.


Evergreen Forums

Ongoing conversations throughout and beyond the event help build a community that lasts. These conversations take place within and outside of sessions, among the group of attendees, and before and after the event.

Virtual Tradeshow

Sponsors and exhibitors attend events to connect with attendees. Give vendors what they’re looking for through opportunities to brand themselves, host video product showcases and more. The booth allows attendees to learn more about products or services and connect with exhibit staff to have their questions answered.


Lead Retrieval

Lead retrieval is a valuable resource for hosts and vendors at hybrid events. Exhibitors can see their warm leads during and after a virtual trade show. This includes those who “visited” their booth and attendees that requested more information.

365 Online Community

A successful hybrid event allows attendees to connect and exchange ideas after the event is over. This community is just as important as interactivity during the event. Our features such as forums and continued access to shared content make this possible.


Planning, promoting, and hosting a hybrid event has never been easier.

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The 4 Key Elements for Hosting a Hybrid Event


Virtual events have become the new normal as organizations have had to pivot away from in-person meetings. As planners look ahead to 2021 and beyond, hybrid events are gaining in popularity as a way to host both in-person and virtual experiences. To help you plan your next hybrid event, we have outlined the 4 key elements you will need to host a successful hybrid event in this guide.

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