In-Person Events

360-degree on-site

Provide a seamless and memorable experience for in-person attendees. From speaker and exhibition management to registration and promotion, our integrated solutions will have your next in-person event covered from start to finish. 



Hybrid Events

One event with shared

Offer increased flexibility and more ways to engage with a Hybrid event. By giving attendees the option to attend virtually or in-person, you can extend your reach, increase sponsorship options, bring in new revenue sources, and ultimately create a better experience. 


Virtual Events

Engaging online

Take the onsite experience online and deliver engaging virtual events to attendees, wherever they may be. Easily and seamlessly offer opportunities to learn, network, and purchase – all in one place. Capture attendee data and valuable performance metrics with a virtual approach. 

A global event technology provider

We help organizations optimize event and trade show management through a complete suite of  event management technology solutions. Event planners and organizers are able to maximize efficiency, simplify data management, and ultimately deliver more impactful experiences to attendees.Easily management every aspect of your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event with our integrated suite. 
Attendee Tracking
Event Badges 
Event Planning and Website 
Exhibition Management 
Lead Retrieval 
Marketing Automation 
Event Apps
Online and On-site Registration 
Virtual Poster Sessions 

Impactful experiences, no matter what.

Whether attendees are connecting virtually, in-person, or through some combination, you can deliver impactful education and networking experiences.

Offer professional development 

Offer education through live or pre-recorded offerings at scheduled times. Because attendees are learning at the same time, they have the chance to experience connection and community. Extend the in-person experience to online by offering interactive elements like online discussion forums, polling, and presenter Q&As. 

Provide networking opportunities 

Create a space for both virtual and in-person attendees to engage with one another on demand or schedule time to meet later. Having the ability to chat with attendees through our application introduces an element of ease and fast connection. 

Generate revenue

Offer exhibitors and sponsors the ability to connect with new leads who are the right fit for their products and services. Depending on how trade show components are presented, whether virtually or in-person, attendees have the option to connect with vendors a number of different ways.

Deliver engaging experiences 

Bringing together a cohesive, shared experience is of paramount importance. As virtual and hybrid events become more and more familiar, it's important to open our minds to the capabilities rather than the limitations. A large benefit of in-person events is the opportunity for socialization, entertainment and customization. 

What People Say

  • Expo Logic improved our attendee experience and make the check-in process easier and faster. We have also been able to scan attendees into sessions more quickly than in the past and the data collected is in real-time which is what our clients need. We are very happy with our Expo Logic partnership and would absolutely recommend them.

    Stephanie Armbrust, Meetings Registration Coordinator

    Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

  • Expo Logic has revolutionized our process and made the entire registration process better. The ripple effects of a nice registration process can be felt throughout the meeting. People start off with a positive experience and are happier and more satisfied with the meeting overall. Plus, our staff is happy. There is no need to work weekends anymore and we’ve saved weeks of staff time and expense.

    Erick Brown, Database and Registration Manager

    Association of American Law Schools (AALS)

  • This year, when our biggest rush came, the lines were only ever 2 people long. The wait to print their badges and collect their registration materials was extremely minimal and attendees noticed - in a good way. The onsite registration process was rated very well on our post-conference survey and worked seamlessly. We now want to use this for all of our clients.

    Emily Viles, Meetings Technology Coordinator

    AMPED Association Management

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