How TripBuilder Media Personalized The App User Experience For NLC


NLC (National League of Cities) partnered with TripBuilder Media to create a Multi EventMobile™ App that provided different user experiences for registered and non-registered attendees of its two largest events. TripBuilder Media’s integration with Experient provided a seamless user experience while maintaining the integrity of the attendee information.

Organization Overview

The National League of Cities (NLC) is a resource and advocacy group for the nation’s cities and their leaders. The National League of Cities has gone mobile for two of its larger events (the NLC City Summit & the Congressional City Conference) by working with TripBuilder Media to create a Multi EventMobile™ app that encompasses both events. As two of NLC’s largest COMPANY NATIONAL LEAGUE OF CITIES (NLC) LOCATION Washington, DC SOLUTIONS Segmentation of Audience; Personalized User Experience. CASE STUDY: NATIONAL LEAGUE OF CITIES events there are many registered attendees; but many non-registered attendees have access to the app as well.

Goal: Audience Segmentation Differentiates Information Shared To Different Groups

With a large attendee base for these two large events, NLC wanted to keep some of its event information secure for only registered attendees while allowing non-registered attendees to have access to the app for things like the event schedule. NLC already had an established relationship with Experient for the event registration. So their goal was to take the attendee information already housed in Experient and pull it into TripBuilder Media’s app. Building web services to pull this information from Experient into TripBuilder Media made it easy for registered attendees to log into the event app (since it is the same registration number they were given from Experient) while also making it easy to distinguish between registered attendees & “guests”, making only certain information visible for people entering the app as guests.

mobile-nlcHow TripBuilder Media Worked With Experient So NLC Could Achieve Its Goals

TripBuilder Media built web services so that all registered attendee information housed in the Experient database would be found in the app without the event organizer having to manually enter it in the TripBuilder Media system. The Experient information populates the attendee list in the app for the two events and acts as the login TripBuilder Media created a robust multi-event app with the ability to deliver different information to different audience segments. BENEFIT information for registered attendees. Attendees that have registered through Experient enter their registration ID when entering the app, the app authenticates this with the information coming from Experient, and as long as the information matches, the attendee is logged into the app with access to all information in the app.

If an individual attending the event is not registered with Experient, they have the ability to enter the app via a Guest login that allowed them to see the majority of the event information in the app while hiding the secure information NLC choose to only make available to registered attendees.


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