Session Tracking

Attendee data can be used in many ways to maximize the success of your event. From how attendees move around your event to where they spend their time; this valuable information can be applied to increase revenue, attendance, and more.

Tracking session attendance provides more clarity on what works, and what doesn’t at your event. Expo Logic’s session tracking technology simplifies the process of monitoring attendance for sessions and gathering this important information.



Expo Logic’s interactive mobile session scanning appTrackPod, delivers a simple and accurate solution to attendance tracking for sessions of all sizes.

TrackPod is designed to make session scanning easy by using the device’s camera to track attendance. Simply scan an attendee’s badge and TrackPod will tell you if they are allowed access to a particular session, how long they have been in a session, and more. Get even more benefit with TrackPod by using the app to scan badges for ticketed events, eliminating the need for printed tickets.



TrackPod Features:

  • Scan barcodes on attendees’ badges as they enter and leave sessions (using the camera on a mobile device)
  • View attendance counts in real-time
  • Ability to override session attendance rejection if needed
  • Track the amount of time an attendee spends in any given session (for CEU purposes)
  • Access a list of current session attendees within the app
  • Integrates with a variety of AMS and registration platforms in real-time
  • Determine eligibility for attendance based on registration type
  • Post-event data can be sent in reports or written directly back to your AMS or CRM system

TrackPod works best with iPhone5 or later versions. The app is available for download on your own device or for rent on an Expo Logic device. You may also rent laser scanner “sleds” for larger events with high-volume scanning needs.

Interested in how TrackPod can streamline session scanning at your event? Contact us at

Already have the TrackPod app? Access our How-to Guide to get started.


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