How Casss Uses Tripbuilder Media To Implement Its “culture Of Engagement”


CASSS partnered with TripBuilder Media to create a year round mobile app that would serve both their year-round communication needs plus provide full-fledged event apps for their members and attendees. The app enabled members to engage seamlessly and avoided duplicate manual entry work by CASSS staff.

Organization Overview

CASSS brings together professionals from industry, academia and regulatory agencies to solve scientific and technical problems in order to advance the development of biopharmaceuticals.. The CASSS membership includes process, analytical, regulatory and other related scientists in the field of biopharmaceutical development and regulation.

CASSS provides its members a rich array of educational and networking opportunities through over a dozen symposia. CASSS membership includes scientists from more than 30 nations and nearly every continent. The symposia take place throughout North America, Europe, Japan and South America. CASSS prides itself on encouraging its members to meet others and truly interact with people who understand what they do.

Goal 1: A 365-day A Year Way To Engage With Members

One of CASSS’s guiding principles is creating “a culture of engagement.” CASSS wanted a way to engage their members on a year-round basis in addition to giving them access to full fledged event apps to utilize at their conferences throughout the year.

CASSS was looking for a way to give their members easy, on the-go access to industry information and enable them to more easily network than traditional email and websites allow.

Hosting many events throughout the year, it was also important that CASSS provide robust event mobile apps for their members during their time at CASSS conferences.

Goal 2: No Clunky Login Process And Up-to-date Membership Info

Two specific goals CASSS had when selecting an app partner were to: 1) provide attendees with a seamless login process so that they didn’t need to remember multiple sets of credentials and 2) keep both their Membership list and Attendee lists automatically up-to-date, avoiding manual work by their staff.

How TripBuilder Media And YM (Your Membership) Helped Casss Achieve Its Goals

CASSS selected TripBuilder Media to make their goals a reality based on its reputation for excellent customer service and its wide array of features that would help CASSS meet their above needs.

TripBuilder Media created a single app for CASSS that housed key member features to be used anytime, anywhere. Features included a Membership Directory with networking capabilities, Partner and Leadership Directories, an In-App Social Community, Publications and more.

This fulfilled the need for mobile access to crucial pieces of information that were previously only available on their website. Not only did TripBuilder Media provide a platform for year round features, but the app also broke down to the event level, giving members full featured event apps, all within the same, single app.

The integration with Your Membership (YM) enabled the Membership and Attendee Lists, and member-to-member networking features to come together quickly and easily. When updates are made in the YM database, they are automatically carried over into the app, eliminating the need for double manual entries.

To address CASSS’ second major concern and create a seamless login, members used the same credentials they used in the YM database for access to the app and each event within the app. This prevented any frustrations with needing to remember multiple sets of login credentials and increased the overall user-friendliness of the app.

mobile-casssCasss Members Loved The App, And So Did The Staff

Overall, both CASSS members and staff were thrilled with the app. “Our exhibitors love that the app includes lead retrieval and the opportunity for sponsored banner ads. The folks at TripBuilder Media offer stellar, unrivaled customer service and go above and beyond to not just answer questions, but find solutions.”

Nearly half of the CASSS members downloaded the app, and the Membership list was the most popular feature holding the most clicks at 26.8%.




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