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Event Security Solutions

Having the right event security solutions is paramount for protecting your staff and attendees. It also guards against costly liability issues for your organization.

Expo Logic’s event security solutions will keep you and your organization safe with automated messages for emergency situations, thorough background checks for staff and volunteers and face recognition screening upon attendee check-in. We also offer event insurance so just in case something happens, you’re covered.

Security Solutions:

  • Verified Backgound Checks (US Clients) – validate the SSN and criminal records for your staff, volunteers, vendors and speakers. Our system verifies data across several systems to give you the most accurate and thorough reporting on your team. Databases include the National Criminal Database, National Sex Offender and State/County Criminal Courts.
  • Crisis Messaging – send alerts to all attendees in seconds with our automated Crisis Messaging system. Weather alerts, venue changes and active threat situations can be communicated via text or email.
  • Face Recognition - When attendees choose to check-in at your event using face recognition, their profile can be scanned against the US national crime database (expected Fall 2018).
  • Event Insuranceprotect your organization against revenue loss, liability and emergencies with comprehensive event insurance.


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