Badge Printing Services

Our proprietary badge printing solution, badge[on]demand™, integrates with all major CRM and AMS databases; allowing you to manage registration directly in your database and print badges seamlessly.

With Badge[on]demand you can:

  • Print badges from each registrant record in your database
  • Keep registration live 24/7 by eliminating the need to migrate data to a different on-site solution
  • Give attendees the ability to check themselves in and print their own badges on-site
  • Send QR Codes to each attendee before an event for expedited check-in
  • Track attendance with live reporting


How it Works
Applying badge[on]demand to your CRM or AMS database

Expo Logic provides a unique piece of code to put into your interface, which renders a "badge on demand" button that lets you print badges and tickets instantly, directly from the registration record of your registration system. The service also provides attendance reporting and the ability to offer attendee 'self check-in', which we call ExpressPass Check-in.


ExpressPass™ Check-In 

ExpressPass check-in allows those who pre-registered to use their printed barcoded confirmations (or their confirmations from their mobile device) to be scanned at a self-service station (provided by Expo Logic) on-site. Registrants badges and/or tickets print instantly, simultaneously updating the check-in date/time information into your registration system.


What about equipment?

You can rent registration equipment from Expo Logic. We can provide you with all the equipment you will need to print badges on-site, or we can work with you to combine some of your own equipment (depending on certain requirements) with our equipment.


Why it's better

badge[on]demand is a seamless and more efficient way to print badges on-site. This eliminates all the pre-conference stress of mail merges and pre-printing badges, saving you precious time and money. 

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Unique badges printed with


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