NAIOP’s Washington Chapter emphasized the importance of having a way to facilitate member communication 365 days a year. In addition to this, they wanted a one-stop-shop for members to access important information such as committee updates, advocacy tools, and a calendar containing the organization’s events that occur throughout the year. ORGANIZATION


The mission of NAIOP Washington State is to create a favorable climate for the conduct of commercial real estate through the participation of a professionally diverse membership and to be recognized as the foremost commercial real estate association in Washington. Founded in 1976, its diverse network includes developers, contractors, architects, engineers, designers, brokers and property managers, NAIOP delivers up-to-the-minute information and educational programs that channel a diverse membership into a powerful coalition that impacts legislation, strengthens communities and advocates for responsible development.

Goal: A Year-round Solution For Both Member To Member, And Member To Organization Communication

One of NAIOP Washington’s guiding principles is boosting chapter engagement and communication. NAIOP WA chose TripBuilder Media to work with on an ongoing basis to see their goals come to fruition, plus take advantage of additional features that provide app users an experience that transcends expectations.

How TripBuilder Media Helped NAIOP Washington Chapter Achieve Its Goals

TripBuilder Media provides not only a 365-day platform for member engagement, but also the ability to drill down into dedicated event-level details, and view listings of smaller year round events, all housed within one app. This single app gives on-the-go members easy access to an in-app social community, membership directory, industry news and more, enabling easier than ever communication. Member’s enjoy the benefits of member-to-member engagement, regardless of their geographical location, with the ability to quickly filter the directory by industry, job function and city.

To take ease of use to the next level, TripBuilder Media provides NAIOP users with a personalized app experience that focuses on what each user cares about. The app allows users to select personal interests prior to logging in, which dictates what content is displayed and what alerts they receive. This keeps members in the know about what matters most to them without bogging them down with content they don’t care about. Furthermore, once committee members log into the app they have access to a dedicated location for relevant information related to their specific committee without having to make any selections. Those who are not part of the committee will never see this information on their app.

TripBuilder Media’s solution also allows NAIOP WA to provide separate access to each of their built-in event apps. For NAIOP WA’s larger events, only registered attendees have access to the detailed information related to the event, such as its schedule, sponsors and presenters. This keeps the “member only” information protected while still promoting the NAIOP WA app for all aspects of the NAIOP WA organization.

naiop-mobileNAIOP Members Loved The App, And So Did The Staff

Overall, NAIOP Washington’s goals to provide an easy to use platform for member communication was surpassed with the personalization functionalities and top notch customer services TripBuilder Media has, and continues to provide.

In praising Mobile 365, the NAIOP Washington chapter stated, “When we were tasked with finding a solution, we were looking to allow members to connect easily through a membership directory from within the app, create committee forums, highlight our events throughout the year and segment content for our Members versus Non Members.

Mobile 365 delivers the experience we were seeking to provide to our audience and is tailored specifically for our needs....Whether it is to send targeted push notifications to certain groups or restricting icons to non-members, the flexibility TripBuilder Media offers is vital to engaging our audience to the fullest. The committee forums are streamlining communications, enhancing the volunteer experience and connecting members year-round. The member directory has become an instant value add for our membership ... it’s been a huge recruiting tool....Overall we could not be happier with our Mobile 365 solution.”


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