Step by step guide to planning a successful virtual conference.

Blueprint for a Successful Virtual Conference Event Tech Group

Planning a virtual conference is new for most event directors and the process can be fraught with new challenges and questions like: How do I satisfy my exhibitors and sponsors? How do I manage time zones? How do I train speakers to present virtually and engage their attendees? How do I input my session data?

To address these questions and to help organize your planning process, we’ve put together a complete blueprint for virtual conference planning. This blueprint takes you step by step through each planning phase so you can architect a conference program that will meet your stakeholder needs and satisfy your organizational goals.

In this guide you'll discover:

  • How to conduct a stakeholder analysis to ensure the needs of your key audiences are met
  • How to identify your goals and build your event around them
  • What important considerations are necessary when crafting a virtual conference program
  • Popular best practices for virtual event delivery
  • How to select the right software for your unique event needs.

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