Year-Round Engagement for Employee Resource Groups

Does your organization have Employee Resource Groups? How effective or targeted is the communication between your organization and these groups? How effective is communication within the groups themselves?

Event Tech Group’s Mobile 365™ platform transforms the way ERG members engage and communicate. With one mobile app your members can navigate specific events, connect with each other, engage on hot topics of the ERG, get committee work done, or be part of a community. Our solutions naturally allow for easier, more effective, communication for company ERGs.

The top twelve benefits of the Mobile 365™ platform for your ERGs:

  1. Personalize the experience - Users easily select their ERG affiliation(s) to create an experience designed exclusively for them.

  2. All-in-one calendar - Combine ALL your ERG-specific events with your company events so Users can create a personal Calendar (& register!).

  3. Targeted messaging - With our Personal Interests™ functionality your ERG members will receive content & notifications they care about.

  4. Boost ERG events - If your ERG hosts significant events, they’ll love being able to easily (and cost effectively) have built-in Event Apps. Make those ERG events stand out.

  5. Gamification = Motivation - Get your members engaged and having fun with year-round gamification features. Make it fun for members to learn more about hot issues, new events and more.

  6. Get members connecting every day - Your ERG members can easily connect and network with one another all year long within our Membership Directory.

  7. Matchmake your members - Thanks to our built-in Member Matchmaking your ERG members can find other members of similar interests.

  8. Educate your members better - Distribute ERG-specific newsletters, publications, and other training tools filtered to members of specific affiliations.

  9. Build two-way discussions - Each ERG can have its own Hot Topic discussions, complete with assigned “experts”, talking points and more.

  10. Get valuable feedback - Find out what’s on your ERG members’ minds through our Survey & Polling functionality.

  11. Easily make app changes - Easily make app data changes on the fly with our easy-to-use content management system.

  12. Enable data-driven decisions - Detailed data analytics enable you to make data- driven decisions for your ERG programs, events and more.

Get your ERG members networking and communicating with each other. Mobile 365™ covers all your needs in one app.

Mobile 365™ covers all your needs in one app

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