Print Badges From Your AMS OR CRM - The Key is Integration

If you have a contact or association management system like Salesforce or Personify, you’re closer than you think to being able to print badges and tickets for your upcoming event. In fact, our Expo Logic experts have cracked the code with something called badge[on]demand; a kind of integration technology that enables you to upgrade your current database into a fully functional self-service attendee check-in and badging/ticketing solution!


Prior to integration, organizations had to merge their AMS or CRM data with Microsoft Word or Crystal Reports. If the term “data merge” or “mail merge” gives you a stomach ache, you’ve probably experienced the challenge of using multiple systems for event registration. Not only can that be a drain on resources, it can also lead to numerous errors and inefficiencies as well.

With AMS/CRM integration you can keep all attendee data in one place throughout the entire event cycle. This integration allows you to record registrations directly within your AMS/CRM, generate confirmations and print badges for each registrant.

Here are some of the benefits our clients are realizing through badge[on]demand:

  • There’s no need to shut down registration to switch systems or merge data. You also don’t need a pre-registration cutoff date because registration can stay live from launch through the end of the event.
  • No pre-mailing of badges needed. The era of late-night envelope stuffing is over!
  • No pre-printing of badges needed, either. All badges can be printed on-site and on-demand as attendees arrive. Badge printing takes just a few seconds per attendee. Watch our Badge[on]Demand video to see how it works.
  • Waste is reduced all around: in time, in money, in supplies and so much more.
  • You get real-time attendance reporting and customer information can be updated directly in the AMS or CRM database.
  • Sponsorships and other add-ons are a breeze to make.
  • There’s a consistent and professional look to everything you print.

It’s not just event managers that like the seamlessness that integration offers. Attendees are fans, too. It makes their event experience easy and efficient. Attendees will think highly of your organization when they experience a streamlined and professional registration process. Here’s what attendees can expect:

  • Much like going to a movie or boarding a flight, barcodes on attendee confirmations are utilized to gain access to your event. Not only does this keep attendee foot traffic moving, but it elevates the professionalism of your event and organization.
  • Expedited badge and ticket printing processes eliminate long check-in lines and therefore increase attendee satisfaction.
  • Because registration remains live continuously, attendees have more time to register for the event, even after it’s already started! This flexibility means fewer disgruntled attendees on-site.
  • Updating attendee information is simple and can be done at the time of check-in. Attendees can modify their name, title and more as needed. This, too, adds to their overall satisfaction with your event.
  • No longer do you have to worry about attendees losing tickets or badges prior to the event. Badges are printed and can be re-printed seamlessly on-site. Tickets can be linked to badges, again increasing attendee satisfaction.

For all these reasons and more, AMS/CRM integration is being utilized at a growing number of events throughout the United States and the world.

Want to learn more about how this technology can maximize your existing AMS/CRM system? Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

Expo Logic currently offers AMS integration with Abila, ACGI, Aptify, Certain, Cvent, etouches, Eventbrite, Google, Higher Logic, iMis, Impexium, MemberSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Nimble AMS, Personify, RegOnline, Salesforce, and yourmembership.

Don’t see your AMS or CRM listed? Contact us and we will advise you on a custom integration solution.


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