The Anatomy of an Event Badge

Badges may seem like a small detail of your event, but they are a major component to the overall attendee experience.

BizBash uses Chatbot AI Technology to Enhance Events

Chatbots have become one of the hottest new trends for events and are a great solution when looking for ways to reach your attendee’s easily, answer their questions about your event, and engage with them on-site.

10 Tips for Creating an Impressive Event Check-In Experience

A fast, easy, and seamless check-in experience is paramount to making a great first impression on your event attendees. A pleasant experience at check-in can stay with your attendees throughout the event and set the

Introducing Configio: Expo Logic’s All-In-One Event Management Platform

Managing your events just got easier with Expo Logic’s new event management platform, Configio. Configio is an all-in-one solution providing organizers and planners everything they need to manage events from start to

Expo Logic Invites You to Xperience 2019!

Expo Logic is excited to participate in the Community Brands user conference, Xperience 2019, and we want to see you there!

5 Ways to Use Experiential Marketing for Events

Consumers, and attendees, have much higher expectations when it comes to their experience with your brand or with your event. Attendees anticipate having meaningful and memorable experiences at your event and

Gratitude Goes A Long Way: 5 Creative Ways to Thank Your Attendees

We all know the saying: “a little gratitude goes a long way,” but have you thought to employ it with your attendees? You can win big with attendees and encourage them to return in the future by simply saying ‘thank

New Event Technologies Increase Security

Recent advancements in event technology offer increased security and peace of mind for your attendees. Your attendee’s safety is always a top priority when planning your event so to help you through the process, here

Re-purposing Your Event Content for Online Learning: Interview with Katie Grier

Tell me if these questions sound familiar: If I live stream my conference, will people still come? Can I offer members more choices without building a whole new content library? The answer to both questions is yes.

Tracking the Attendee Journey and Analyzing Your Event Data

Attendee data provides valuable insight that can help show organizers understand the needs and expectations of their attendees to ensure their event’s success. By analyzing information about the attendee experience


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