Sponsorship Revenue Ideas for Healthcare Events

Sponsorships are critical to the success of association events, especially within healthcare. But according to The State of Event Sponsorship in 2018, a majority of event planners are struggling to secure sponsors.


Great customer service doesn’t just happen overnight. It builds from a company culture. In such a culture, service to customers is a way of life, a default position, something that is relentlessly pursued and

5 Ways To Get People To Serve On Your Committees

When your association’s members are already bogged down with the responsibilities of their own careers, families, and communities, how do you convince them that committee work is worth prioritizing? The process needs

Pinpoint Your Survey And Polling Methodology

Surveys and polling are some of the prime ways you can get event attendee and association member feedback. It’s crucial information that can drive future event session topics, the overall direction of an association,

Nine Questions To Ask When Choosing A Mobile Event App Provider

It’s tough to choose a mobile event app provider. There are a lot out there, and not all are good. So how do you narrow down your choices and identify the company best for you? We have the right questions to ask.

Frustrated With The One And Done Nature Of Event Apps?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could significantly improve the way you engage and communicate with your members? Do you find that your members connect with you only at your annual conference? That once the event is

Five Steps To Boost Sponsorship Revenue

It’s a no brainer – you have to get your attendees motivated and engaged in your event to make it successful AND you have to get them to interact with your sponsors. How do you do it?

The Top Five Strategies For Effective Committees

A committee can be one of the most productive tools that an association has for goal achievement. Committees are also indispensable to the work of an association, enabling work to get done in the most efficient

How to Keep Your Event Speakers Happy

If you are planning an event that features keynote speakers, you want to provide the best possible experience. The better experience your guest speaker has, the more likely they will be to work with you again in the

How to Design Your Event Floor Plan

Determining your event's layout means more than setting up a few seats and tables. 


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