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Chatbots have become one of the hottest new trends for events and can be a great solution when looking for ways to reach your attendee’s easily, answer their questions about your event, and engage with them on-site. 

A chatbot is a software program using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that users can interact with by texting a specific number or through a messaging service online to get information and answer questions. The chatbot pulls from a library of information the event organizer has provided and supplies an answer to the user’s question. With each question and user interaction, the chatbot continues to learn and store information in its library to grow its knowledge base.

But why are chatbots so great for events?

Chatbots are the perfect technology solution when you want to help attendees get the answers they are looking for while providing an interactive and engaging experience. Here are some of the other major benefits chatbots can bring to your event:

  • Provide quick and helpful customer service that attendees will enjoy using. Chatbots also can provide a personalized experience for the user and give recommendations or suggestions based on the questions and information they provide.

  • Help attendees create their event agenda and reminders for sessions they are interested in.

  • Chatbots can be an alternative to an event mobile app – We want all of our attendees to download and use the event app but we can’t guarantee this will happen. Chatbots are a great alternative or can be used in addition to you event’s mobile app.

  • Users can ask for more information about the event schedule, receptions, or ticketed events and then purchase these items directly through the chatbot.

  • Chatbots are reliable and can answer attendee questions quickly. This could eliminate the need for extra customer service staff helping you to reduce costs.

Sciensio, a premier company offering chatbot technology, designed a chatbot to help answer key attendee questions while onsite at 3 BizBash Live events in 2017. The event organizer’s main goals were to provide logistical support and easier access to the agenda to their attendees using this technology. The chatbot, named “Betty”, was integrated with the event’s registration system and placed on-site for attendees to interact with. Over the course of these events, Betty answered over 3 million questions and engaged with 70% of attendees while providing a 93% correct response rate. Betty the chatbot was a huge resource to attendees before and during the event, keeping them happy and informed.

Chatbots are a great solution for events and provide an automated system to answer your attendee’s questions quickly and correctly. Consider implementing a chatbot at your next event to engage your attendees and get them the answers they are looking for.

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