Expo Logic Prints Over 2 Million Badges


Did you hear the news? 

Expo Logic has printed over 2,000,000 badges with our badge printing integration service, badge[on]demand™!


Over 180 clients have benefited from our badge printing solution, badge[on]demand™, by directly printing badges from their database of choice at events. Since badge[on]demand™ launched in 2011, we’ve helped our clients with over 2,300 events to provide seamless badge printing on-site.  

With badge[on]demand™ you can: 

  • Print badges from each registrant record in your database 
  • Keep registration live 24/7 by eliminating the need to migrate data to a different on-site solution 
  • Give attendees the ability to check themselves in and print their own badges on-site 
  • Send QR Codes to each attendee before an event for expedited check-in 
  • Track attendance with live reporting

Are you curious about how badge[on]demand™ works with your registration database? Watch this short video to learn more:


We want to thank YOU: our clients, our partners, and our team for helping us print over 2,000,000 badges. Here’s to 2 million more! 

Interested in learning more about our badge printing solution? Contact our solutions team at expologic-solutions@communitybrands.com.

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