BizBash uses Chatbot AI Technology to Enhance Events

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Chatbots have become one of the hottest new trends for events and are a great solution when looking for ways to reach your attendee’s easily, answer their questions about your event, and engage with them on-site.

A chatbot is a software program using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that users can interact with by texting a specific number or through a messaging service online to get information and answer questions. The chatbot pulls from a library of information the event organizer has provided and supplies an answer to the user’s question. With each question and user interaction, the chatbot continues to learn and store information in its library to grow its knowledge base.

BizBash has started to use chatbot technology at their event in Florida, Los Angeles, and New York to address four key points:

  1. Improve logistical support for the event without increasing costs

  2. Provide easier access to the agenda and schedule information in addition to a way to communicate the answers to FAQs

  3. Find a solution that wouldn’t require time and effort from BizBash to setup or develop and a solution that can integrate with their registration platform easily

  4. Produce detailed reports and provide detailed statistical monitoring so that all responses could be modified in real-time to ensure the best user experience.

The best solution BizBash found to address these points was a chatbot named “Betty”. Bizbash partnered with EventBots, by Sciensio, the industry leader offering award-winning chatbot technologies, to create the most advanced and user-friendly chatbot for their event.

Photo: Betty the chatbot advertised to attendees at BizBash Live events

EventBots, by Sciensio, designed Betty as a fully functional Concierge EventBot to assist attendees with event questions and provide event information. Betty the Chatbot uses AI technology to answer questions on over 100 hundred different topics, asked in over 4.3 million different ways. Not only was Betty able to answer questions as they were asked, this chatbot was integrated with the event’s registration platform to provide messages and updates to attendees throughout the show.

Betty the Chatbot proved to be a major success with attendees at BizBash Live Florida, Los Angeles, and New York. Here are the results:

  • 70% of attendees engaged with Betty during the event
  • Betty received over 8,000 messages and provided a response in an average of less than 3 seconds
  • Using AI technology, Betty gave answers to questions at a 95.2% correct response rate

Betty became a major asset during BizBash Live Florida and proved how useful employing Chatbot AI technology can be. During the event, the convention center fire alarm went off triggering a building-wide evacuation. This was confirmed to be a false alarm and Betty was put into action contacting all attendees within 60 seconds to notify them of the situation.

As attendees look for a more personalized experience at events, chatbot technology will help organizers provide the exciting and interactive experiences they are looking for. Chatbots like Betty create a personal connection with attendees through a conversational style and efficiency. Attendees want the answers to their questions fast and because chatbots are always learning from the questions they answer, the responses they provide continue to improve becoming more accurate and consistent.

As BizBash proved with Betty at their events, Chatbots provide multiple benefits and are becoming one of the most popular ways to connect with attendees.


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