Lead Retrieval Tips: I Scanned All These Badges, Now What?

Organizing your lead retrieval system after meeting hundreds of people at a trade show can be overwhelming. It’s easy to forget every single conversation you had after meeting the hundreds of different people who passed through your booth.  You took the time to scan all of those badges with great a lead retrieval system, so make the most of your time after the show is over. Follow these three steps to make the most of your trade show lead retrieval:
Lead Retrieval

1. Use Action Codes

When using a lead retrieval unit, you are usually given standard action codes (sometimes you can order custom action codes). Action codes keep you organized so you can track the person who stopped by and note what they were most interested in. After you scan someone’s badge, scan the action code.

Action codes make follow up extremely easy, giving you a reference point to the conversation you had on the trade show floor. The also help you sift through and filter your leads by products, services, and whether they were “hot” or “cold.” After the show, make use of these action codes by prioritizing the most promising leads to follow up with first.

Follow Up

After the show is over, and everyone has traveled home, make sure you follow up with your leads quickly. Some people wait a few days after the show. Others wait longer. It is up to you to judge the appropriate time to follow up. A few factors that can help you determine your follow-up schedule include:

  • The type the show
  • Size of the show
  • Show location
  • Distance traveled to the show

Stay Engaged

When you follow up, make sure you properly thank the attendee for stopping by your booth, and let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them.  It also helps to remind them of who you are and what you discussed.  Remember, they talked to hundreds of people too.  Once you are reacquainted, offer them your information to easily discuss things further. Setting up another time to talk during this initial call keeps the ball rolling and helps convert leads into customers.

How do you organize your leads scanned after a show? Learn more about our trade show lead retrieval services.


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