Airbnb Launches New Feature for Events

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Airbnb has launched a new feature that will help make finding housing accommodations for your event attendees even easier.

Airbnb has partnered with RSVPify, a free online RSVP tool, to create Airbnb for Events. This new offering gives event organizers the ability to create a custom Airbnb landing page that attendees can use to easily find a place to stay for your event. Airbnb has started to incorporate this new feature and its technology with ticketing platforms, wedding websites, and more.

This new, free feature is simple to set up and can be used for all types of events. Event organizers only need to complete a form on the Airbnb website providing basic information about the event and Airbnb does the rest. You can even upload your custom event logo to include on the Airbnb landing page.

After completing the online form, your event’s custom landing page is ready to go. Airbnb provides a custom URL for your event’s landing page that can be used on your event’s website. You can even include this link in the confirmation email each attendee receives once they’ve registered for your event. This link to your own custom Airbnb landing page will make it easier for attendees to find a place to stay when considering coming to your event.

In addition to the custom landing page URL, you can also embed an interactive map widget directly to your event website that attendees can use to book their stay. This widget will allow users to search for housing accommodations through Airbnb without ever leaving your event’s website.

Airbnb for Events can be used in addition to the standard room block offering. Using Airbnb could set you apart from other events since it is different from the norm. Aside from saving attendees money, Airbnb for Events can provide more local accommodation choices and amenities that standard hotels wouldn’t typically offer.

Event organizers are always looking for simple and efficient ways to let attendees book their accommodations and Airbnb for Events provides a unique and accessible tool to do just that. It’s easy to imagine this tool being used more and more as it grows in popularity.


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