9 Creative Ways to Find Great Event Speakers


Speakers are a vital component to any event - and can be one of the most difficult. Finding enough speakers to fill your agenda is one thing; finding the right speakers is another. With the right speaker and the right topic, your attendees will be excited to hear what they have to say and will walk away with a meaningful experience.

The typical call for papers is a common method of finding speakers but can often attract the same group of speakers in your market and can lead to stale content. So how do you find a new, robust pool of potential speakers who are engaging, knowledgeable, and available?

To help you find the best speakers for your next event, we've compiled 9 Creative Ways to Find Great Event Speakers in this guide.

9creativeways_cover_transparent-1In this guide you’ll discover:

  • 9 great sources for finding conference speakers
  • Innovative ways to find the best speakers for your event
  • Different methods and techniques to employ when searching for potential speakers
  • Tips and strategies for using social media to identify possible event speakers
  • Ideas for speaker recruitment and more!

Access your copy of the 9 Creative Ways to Find Great Event Speakers below.



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