6 New Year’s Resolutions to Keep in 2019 for Event Professionals


We may already be a month into 2019 but the new year’s resolutions you made are still just as important as they were on January 1st.

Outside of the personal resolutions you made for the new year, event professionals should also be thinking about the changes and improvements that can be made to enhance events in 2019. To help you get off on the right foot, here are 6 new year’s resolutions we’ve come up with for you to apply to your events.

  1. Keep the experience in mind over the wow factor – Events have evolved to become an entire experience for attendees to immerse themselves in. As the overall experience continues to be a main element to an event’s success, organizers and planners must keep this at the forefront during the planning process. Experiential marketing has become a popular way to engage attendees while providing a experience that adds value to your event.

  2. Use technology in a thoughtful way – We watched technology gain popularity in every aspect of events throughout 2018 and incorporating tech is a standard now in the industry. With so many different options to add technology to your event, make a resolution to choose technology thoughtfully and include it in ways that add value to the overall event experience. Apply technology in ways that influence the attendee’s experience seamlessly and in a positive way. For example, you can incorporate face recognition technology to check-in attendees quickly and in an exciting way.

  3. Adapt more green solutions – Going green at your events not only has a positive impact on the environment, but this can have a positive impact on your attendees and how they feel as well. Choosing more sustainable solutions for your events can be simple and is easier than you might think. Are you using a mobile app for your event? Consider putting your event schedule within the app instead of providing a printed copy to reduce your carbon footprint and even your costs. Check out this article for some more tips on how to go green at your next event.

  4. Make better planning decisions using event data – Technology allows us to collect more data than ever. From attendee demographics to session attendance behavior, event planners can leverage this information to gain valuable insight that can help create a better experience for attendees, and ultimately, improve business. When planning your events, look for ways you can capture information easily and systems that can quickly analyze the data in useful ways.

  5. Automate processes where possible – Stop working so hard where you don’t need to and utilize technology to automate processes within your event planning to make life easier. Employ a marketing automation platform, for example, to create personalized, custom campaigns sent to attendees.

  6. Give attendees more than sessions and offer chances to unwind – Event schedules are jam packed with keynote speakers, break-out sessions, and tons of other content attendees are expected to absorb over just a few days. Step back from filling every moment with an educational, content experience and provide attendees with dedicated time to relax. Offer a lounge area outside of the exhibit hall and away from the general sessions to give people a chance to decompress or plan a group walk outside the convention center to help break up the day and offer a reprieve.

We wish you luck sticking to your resolutions and hope these ideas will help you plan successful events throughout 2019!

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