5 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Event App

The Event Tech Group mobile app solutions provide multiple opportunities for you to build revenue and for sponsors to build brand awareness. This overview will outline the powerful revenue generating opportunities available through both our year-round and event app mobile solutions.

The guide below helps align your goals with your sponsors and enables you to package and promote opportunities to maximize revenue generation. Keep reading to discover 5 ways to monetize your mobile app today.

1. Splash Screens
Every app user sees the initial splash screen - it fills the entire screen. The Splash Screen offers optimal brand exposure and can be timed to give a sponsor maximum visibility. This is the highest value sponsorship you can offer. If it’s for an event, this splash screen can be sold for a few days, but it’s for year-round engagement, you can sell timed splash pages 52 weeks a year.

Splash Screen-2Splash Screen-1

The American Correctional Association (ACA) uses timed splash screens to distinguish influential sponsors who exhibit at their conference. By utilizing this functionality to recognize an exhibitor, ACA increased the volume of attendees that visited the VendEngine booth in the Exhibit Hall.

Splash Screen-3


2. Banner Ads
Banner ads are the most cost-effective way to build brand awareness and reach users. Banner ads are simple to create and result in a long-lasting impression. They can be displayed in specific sections for more targeting messaged or banner ads can appear on every screen. Ads can be linked to a customized landing page and/or your website.

Rotating Banners-1

Sponsors will pay a premium for exclusivity. You can allow one sponsor to control banner ads shown on a particular day or you can allow a sponsor to control a section, like Membership Directory. Increase your revenue by offering banner ads priced by time shown. You can charge more for display during high traffic times, like right before the opening session, or right before a major board meeting.

Banner Ads-Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo got the most out of its sponsorship through a Banner Ad and Landing Page that linked to their website. Displayed on every page throughout the app the Wells Fargo banner ad linked to a full page ad that displayed Wells Fargo’s iconic logo along with an eye catching graphic. App users then clicked on that landing page to be taken to the Wells Fargo webpage with a responsive user friendly design.


3. Featured Sponsor and Exhibitor Listings
Featured placements within the Listings sections are a great way for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase themselves and their products. They are also a prime interactive experience for attendees to learn more about a sponsor because they can link to handouts, photos and more.

Featured Listings-1

3 Reasons to Love Featured Listings:
  1. High Visibility - Featured listings sit at the top of the heap, so a sponsor or exhibitor stands out from what could be a lengthy list. If you have 1000 exhibitors, it’s nice to be listed first!
  2. Easy to Create & Flexible – Featured listings are easy for a sponsor to create and edit and they give the sponsor and/or exhibitor lots of space to discuss themselves and their products.
  3. Engaging - Because you can include video or other collateral in the listing, sponsors can provide a more engaging experience to stand out. Richer profiles can include social media links, presentations, pdfs, videos and more. Listings can also include coupons and discount codes.


4. Push Notifications
Push notifications are the perfect way for sponsors to reach attendees directly, and in a timely way. For an event, they provide a prime opportunity for a sponsor to make an announcement, do a promotion or remind attendees to stop by their booth. For a year-round app, they are a perfect opportunity for a sponsor to touch base with members on an ongoing basis to deliver relevant info.

Push notifications are great for last minute communication, too. Suppose there is a schedule change in your event at the last minute? Or you have a new speaker? Push notifications are the perfect communication vehicle and create an immediate form of direct communication. You can reach the entire audience as a whole, or target various segments.

Push Notifications-1


5. Gamification
Whether it’s a $20 gift card or the latest gadget, nothing beats the feeling of the chance to win a prize. Gamification gives your audience a fun, ongoing way to engage with your organization, and sponsors will love to be a part of that.


The gamification feature within our mobile event app solution provides a scavenger hunt style game that allows attendees to answer multiple choice and photo-based questions. For sponsors, it has numerous opportunities to showcase a brand.

Tips for Gamification:
  • Games can have questions designed to quiz your audience on the member benefits of your organization or association
  • Games can offer challenges based on your sponsor’s products or information
  • Consider adding new challenges to game at a set interval and send push notifications to promote the challenge. Your sponsors will see increased booth traffic and look to invest more the following event.
  • If this is used in our year-round mobile solution, post a new game question every month. Then send a push notification to your membership announcing the new question.


Structuring your packages
Using your app as a sponsorship revenue generator is crucial for most organizations. If you’re not doing it, you should be. It’s important to understand your clients’ needs and create packages that are flexible to meet their needs.

The following are suggestions for different tiers of packages for mobile event solutions. And remember, while single event app solution sponsorship lasts a few days, year-round mobile app sponsorships are year-round.

Bronze - The least expensive option should be the easiest for sponsors to participate and should include:

  • banner ad(s)
  • featured listing

Silver- The middle ground should provide more engagement opportunities and should include:

  • banner ad(s)
  • featured listing (with rich content links)
  • push notification(s)

Gold - The highest level of sponsorship should include the most engagement and should include:

  • banner ad(s)
  • featured listing (w/ richer content links like video)
  • push notification(s)
  • gamification
  • timed splash screen(s)

Your mobile event app is a great resource when it comes to generating event revenue. Don't miss out on all of the opportunities to monetize your mobile event app and increase your ROI and event's success.

Interested in learning more about our mobile app solutions or our other integrated event management solutions? Contact us at eventtechgroup@communitybrands.com.


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