2019 Event Technology Trends eBook


Advancements in event technology have created more opportunities for organizers to integrate it into almost every aspect of an event. Technology is being utilized to enhance event registration, create engaging experiences for attendees, and much more..

To help you stay up-to-date on the new technologies entering the market and decide which to incorporate at your next event, we have compiled the top event technology trends of 2019 into one eBook.


In the 2019 Event Technology Trends eBook you’ll discover:

  • The latest event technologies and how to implement them

  • Technologies to engage and delight attendees

  • Creative technology strategies to give attendees a more fulfilling event experience

  • Advanced techniques for obtaining attendee data and feedback

  • Fresh ideas for getting attendees to interact and exchange information using technology 

  • Innovative applications of AI and AR/VR technologies 

  • Expert advice on incorporating new social media features, platforms and more!

Whether you are looking for an innovative way to engage attendees or want to improve the attendee experience, you will find helpful and exciting information in this guide.

To learn more about the latest event technology trends and how they can benefit you, download your free eBook today.

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