7 Ways To Plan A Successful Hybrid Event

Hybrid events aren’t new, but they’re enjoying a post-pandemic revival. In fact, many people appreciate being able to remotely attend conferences, workshops, and conventions. At the same time, they expect their

3 Reasons Your Organization Should be Hosting Hybrid Events: A Primer for Event Pros

Our world is changing. And so are events. In-person events have typically been the go-to approach for organizations to generate revenue and provide learning and networking opportunities for attendees. In recent

Networking in a Hybrid World

In an effort to mitigate risk and accommodate attendees, many organizations are planning for hybrid events in 2021. While we know that a hybrid event includes both a virtual and in-person component, one of the

Best Practices for Hybrid Events

As we wrap up the year and look ahead to 2021, organizers and planners are hopeful to return to in-person events in the new year. While we are all eager to get back to interacting on the trade show floor or in

How to Create a Virtual Conference

As we move towards the end of 2020 and look ahead, likely, virtual events are not going anywhere in the new year. Organizers and planners are continuing to move forward to create virtual conferences and facilitate an

Two Ways to Diversify Your Association’s Events to Increase Member Retention

Let’s face it, one of the biggest challenges you’ll encounter while running an association is member retention. While you might think that getting someone to join your association in the first place is the hard work,

Happy Exhibitions Day: A Look at Virtual Exhibitions in 2020

Every June event professionals from across the world celebrate exhibitions and advocate for the event industry. This annual day honoring the exhibition industry was started by the International Association for

Cybersecurity Tips for Working From Home

With many organizations implementing work from home or transitioning out of offices completely to an entirely virtual workforce, bad actors can try to take advantage.

How to Turn Your Refunds into Donations

The event industry has seen an increase of in-person events being cancelled and organizations are looking for new ways to retain some of the revenue from these events and continue to move forward.

Take Your Event Online With Virtual Conference Software

Are you looking to change your in-person conference into an interactive virtual conference?


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