Attendee Tracking Software for Event Managers

Learn how attendees move through your event and interact with other attendees using advanced attendee tracking technology. Discover what sessions are most popular, how content resonates with different attendee types and accurately award CEUs.


Session Scanning Tracking Technology

For more specific metrics per attendee, we recommend session tracking technology. Session tracking allows you to record the sessions each person attends, how long each attendee stays in a session, if they left early and more. It is an ideal solution when continuing education credits must be awarded based on attendance or if access to a particular session is restricted.


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Measure the Health of Your Event

Attendee tracking is a powerful way to see if your event is thriving or dying. Use this important technology to see how long attendees stay in sessions, how they move throughout your event and who they interact with so you can see what’s working and what’s not.

Track attendance behavior

Monitor where attendees go during your meeting and how long they stay in sessions. Uncover popular topics and content by attendee type or demographics and use this information to plan a better event next year.

Attendee Tracking All Services

Award credits

Avoid errors with sign-in sheets and self-reporting by using session scanning apps. Scan attendees in and out of sessions to verify they stayed for the required time and then easily award credit after your event.

Restrict access

Keep unregistered attendees from accessing your meeting or restricted sessions that require an additional fee with a badge scanning app.

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Event Attendee Tracking- Reporting- Event Tech Group

Detailed event analytics and reporting

Uncover attendee behavior and hidden trends with detailed reporting. Segment and analyze attendee data based on demographics such as title, attendee type, membership type, interests and more. Learn exactly what types of attendees are participating in activities and why.

Attendee Tracking Features

Attendance verification

Award CE credit

Build future sessions based on analytics

Detailed reporting

Hand-held scanning apps

Track heavily attended topics

Eliminate sign-in sheets

Track attendance behavior

Monitor traffic throughout your event

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