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Attendee Tracking

Monitoring how attendees move around your event and interact with vendors and other attendees can help you learn more about your event. By utilizing Expo Logic’s attendee tracking technology and analyzing the attendee behavior it records, you can perceive attendee needs and make necessary changes to upcoming events. 

Session Tracking Technology

For more specific metrics per attendee, we recommend session tracking technology. Session tracking allows you to record the sessions each person attends, how long each attendee stays in a session, if they left early and more. It is an ideal solution when continuing education credits must be awarded based on attendance or if access to a particular session is restricted.  

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Passive Attendee Tracking Technology

Through the use of RFID, NFC, Beacon or other technologies, event organizers can see how attendees behave with no action required on their part. These technologies give you a sense of where attendee traffic is moving at any given time and can provide heat map reports.

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